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commissioners an email with some details about our communication strategies and so hopefully that will make sense to you when akak3p;g;glkyou >í>í0ñ get to digest the details ( that email. >> i apologize for putting you in front !v!vw manner. clearly i am behind óx=ñton my emails and i will catch up. has thatî pçbeen communicated 4ó the school communitys? because that's the main &w&w? ]m]vfthing i x there r interested in 2t2t engaged in the prf2els9u >> deputy amam in terms of those detail ?úl line and so forth, the plan, can you send a copy of that to the y+ó[uçc student delegates and this seems like a good issue for them to weigh in on. okay thank you. >> i would like to close y ñnpz2o2oñrmy
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presentation to announce )ñ)>uthe personnel and labor c will meet tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock. >> o1o1yxákákq hank you. any other -- i mean in regards to commi qú"ti r >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> commissioner mendoza. >> wxw┘oa; three agenda items and vthe drop out rates, a hearing on the african-american lwstudent achievement strategies and a hearing on o@o@ the memorandum of understanding between sfusd m,m sspd and our budget and business services committee is scheduled for next wednesday october 3 sgowdobñat 6:00 ññmzp.m.-s-sw >> question i for the e
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committee. i am not planning -c-cí$ to come to !j!j! kind of interested in what kind ct follow up is done by the board of supervisors on things that 3%3%zowe're doing. i have no objection to information being shared but good if it has purpose; right? because if they just want to see data we could give 1xúv not have our staff be at their q beck and call. >> that n6n6quis correct. so we have been doing digging today who is exactly presenting on each of < q! that the school district has any roleåñ jyand -- yes, and -- >> [inaudible] >> so this rorocyis the city >r>rq district committee. i am going to do a /2í!yaçcontinued follow up / with our chair of the committee ;p4
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find out who exactly is presenting the data hehen information on the $s$s=7drop out rates and the achievement strategies since the school district provide that information, so we will oftentimes -- i mean i think our committee jkjk has been really useful and helpful and sharing information 58ó follow ups because ç/ç/!cthe supervisors or district supervisors are the full up to the won't constituents who brought ç/7/o5issues to the table c these are -- we uwuw want to the supervisors in / obstacles and challenges that qo,wcqo,wcsm we have so we look forward to a fruitful discussion and i jçjçoram hoping at some g0g0 district will have the opportunity perhaps the opportunity qsqs5tñto share news that we shared tonight and some of the other pieces of inforo.oc that we have s?s?g/ó( know that we actually focus on the african-american w nd latino and
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sano an students in particular. >> could we request that he we put that particular item on the next meet something. >> sure. any of us that are the committee can certainly share that k personally request that this be shared with the committee. >> thank you very much. >> and if ihi
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. >> you will have to look it up on the website. and the board
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of education by four aye's and approve the amount made available to reinstate a settlement fund. in the matter of san francisco unified school district versus pierce street the board of education by four aye's and three absent approve authorization for district and insurance company to pursue damage claim through litigation if necessary. for the read out for tonight's closed session september 25, 2012 public employment the board by a vote of six aye's and one absence
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approved the contract for one assistant superintendent. other items posted in the agenda is the staff report and classified personnel transactions. meeting adjourned. thank you very much.
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October 6, 2012 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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